Bits and Bobs Bits and Bobs Club Badge This is our new club Badge 173685523 EKO Badge This is Our Governing Bodies Badge and who we are Recognised By and Registered With The English Karate Organisation 173685524 E.K.O Governing Body This is the Badge of The European Karate Organisation Governing Body. They Govern the English Karate Organisation. Also they both hold the Annual Championships which we take part in. 173685525 Student of The Year This is a Award for Student of The Year 2012, This one went To Lewis Hadfield Well Done!! Lewis. 173685526 Daniel Sensei Our Founder and Chief Instructor, Sensei Daniel Lancaster, (3rd Dan) Teaching at one of the many Workshops that are held Through out the Year this one is at Scarbourgh a fantastic weekend. 173685527 Daniel Sensei Daniel Sensei this Time training as well at the Scarbourgh Budo Workshop and getting stuck right in there. 173685528 Stocksbridge Group Photo from Stocksbridge Multi-Style Workshop Again Daniel Sensei got the opertunity to Teach here and is another of many workshops. 173685529 Abaniko Tres Puntas This is another for of Martial Art that we at Cougar Ki Martial Arts Train in This originates from the Philapines and is a good martial arts style, relaxing but Leathal at the sametime, Sensei Really enjoys Training in this Style. 173685530 Sheffield Workshop Daniel Sensei again Teaching at another Workshop over in Sheffield, Here he is teaching a Fingure lock, against a attacker who is being agressive (pre-emptive attack). Very painful. 173685531 Daniel Sensei Here Sensei is practicing some Kata, Kata Sepai, With Shihan Reiner Parsons and Sensei Graham Parsons of GoJu Ryu. 173685532 February Grading This is the group photo of the students who graded at our first grading of 2013, What a AWESOME day we all had :) 174201772